A new way to buy & sell stuff locally

Connecting buyers and sellers in your area.

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A new way to buy and sell

Sircle is built for buyers and sellers of all caliber. Sales in Sircle work through buyers offering the price they're willing to pay for items. Sellers then evaluate all the offers they receive and choose. It's the best of both worlds.

Safer, easier payment

In Sircle, buyers can offer to pay by cash, or they can use Sircle Transfers. Transfers allows buyers to pay sellers straight through their credit cards, and sellers to receive the money without having a credit card system of their own.

Items based on location

In Sircle, all listings have a location, specifying the neighborhood of the seller. Your Home screen is filled with items that are not only great deals, but also only an arm's reach away.

Sircle lets you buy and sell stuff in your area

Quick, safe and secure


Discover and explore new listings around you through our map based search.

User Profiles

Follow and review buyers and sellers in your community.


In-chat offers

Make an instantaneous offer on any listing that interests you within seconds.

Sircle Transfers

Pay for listings instantly with your credit or debit card.


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